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Puno – Copacabana – Sun Island (Bolivia)

  • The stunning view of the Royal Cordillera, arrived in Copacabana and then make the tour to Isla del Sol

Puno Copacabana Sun Island Bolivia:

A 158 Km. City of La Paz by paved road, 3841 m above sea level, the beautiful town of Copacabana, where the famous Sanctuary of the Virgen Morena, 1592 image carved in maguey wood by Francisco Tito Yupanqui, a native artist stands descendant of the Incas.

The energy and mystery of Lake Titicaca draw to this sacred place thousands of Andean pilgrims and tourists.


This tour begins at 7:00 am with the gathering of tourists from their hotels to take them to the bus station, we will take our bus to go through an asphalted to the town of Copacabana, located 151 Km road. City Puno, approximately 3 hour and a half, the road skirts the Lake Titicaca and a stunning view of the Royal Cordillera, arrived in Copacabana and then make the tour to Isla del Sol.

After lunch at 13:30 pm approx. We begin our tour to Isla del Sol (Shared boat), Crossing the lake for about an hour and a half to reach the southern part of the Isla del Sol, then a short walk through the steps of Yumani built by our ancestors to reach the fountain of youth, there you can become purified taking some sacred water, it is believed that this source is the source of eternal youth, and also enjoy the beauty of that beautiful Incan garden, after our visit return to the population Copacabana, to take the bus to Puno or La Paz.

It Includes

  • Hotel Puno Transfer to the bus terminal.
  • Shared tourist transport Puno – Copacabana.
  • Tour to Isla del Sol.
  • shared service.
  • Revenue to the island.


If you want to stay a night in Copacabana you must add only the cost of the hotel.


Tour Price

USD 600.00 Contact Us


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