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City tour that includes the Plaza de Armas, Church of the Lord of Luren, the Regional Museum Cachiche, known as the town of witches, the Huacachina Lagoon, the color of its countryside and its extraordinary desert with dunes. Visit to the wineries of the area where we can taste the delicious wines and pisco place, candy purchase and others.

Laguna Huacachina

A 5 km southwest of the city of Ica (6 minutes by car). Huacachina is a traditional resting place for Ica. The lagoon appears like an oasis in the desert that is combined with a splendid landscape that harmonizes dunes, palm trees and acacias. Some locals attribute curative properties to its waters.

Sanctuary of the Lord of Luren

The shrine, located in Calle Ayacucho, block 10, is a neoclassical style, the church has three portals with brick arches and a pointed tower at the base of a clock seen. The Lord of Luren identifies with Ica from colonial times, being considered the patron of the city; year after year, thousands of devotees gather to accompany him in procession at Easter and during the third week of October. The shrine dates from 1943.

Regional Museum

This important museum houses inside interesting ancient remains of different cultures that developed in the department of Ica. Handicrafts, figurines, textiles and evidence of medical practices of different cultures Paracas and Nazca can be observed.


Located in the countryside of Ica. an old cellar where we will know the whole process of elaboration of “The Cachina”, “Wine” and “pisco” or grape brandy will visit. Among the most representative wineries have Vista Alegre, Tacama and Ocucaje. The wine that still maintain traditional methods wineries are Mejia, El Taster and Lovera.

Collection of Dr. Javier Cabrera stones

Located in the Plaza de Armas of Ica, it maintains a large collection of engraved stones with scenes of primitive life, hunting dinosaurs and organ transplants that give rise to many theories and speculations on regional ancient civilizations.


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