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City Tour Ica

City tour that includes the Plaza de Armas, Church of the Lord of Luren, the Regional Museum Cachiche, known as the town of witches, the Huacachina Lagoon, the color of its countryside and its extraordinary desert with dunes. Visit to the wineries of the area where we can taste the delicious wines a

Adventure Tour Huacachina

Adventure Tour Huacachina: This is one of the most unforgettable experience adventure practiced in our city of Ica, for this tour is not required experience, it requires willpower to want to, I mean come to Ica and not taking wine or not make this adventure sport. it’s like not to have visite

Winery Tour Half day Vitivinicolas

Winery Tour Half Day Vitivinicolas: Since colonial times, Ica became an important center of wine production. Tradition has it that years before the conquest of Spain, vines were brought from the Canary Islands were planted in this sunny land easily adapted to this environment. This made it possibl

Pisco 1/2 day City Tour

The province of Pisco (17 meters), has different attractions frequently visited by national and international tourists looking for a pleasant time with friends or family. Among the main attractions is the Paracas National Reserve (1 m), the Ballestas Islands, The ruins of Tambo Colorado, among othe

Pisco Ballestas Islands

They are islands in the Pacific Ocean, near the coast of Peru and is located off the Paracas National Reserve, one of which is engraved on the surface of a candelabra, which is related to the mysterious Nazca Lines. In the Ballestas Islands you will appreciate varieties of marine species such as lar

Ballestas Islands Paracas Reserve

Paracas National Reserve is located 30 minutes south of the province of Pisco and 285 km of the department of Lima. It is a beautiful place for its history and its great diversity of birds which many of them are migratory. It has a wide variety of highly recommended beaches to spend a weekend and

Nazca City Tour Half day

Nazca City Tour Half Day: THE NAZCA LINES AND FIGURES. Nasca Lines are located in the Pampas of San Jose, 25 km from the city of Nasca (15 minutes), at km. 424 of the Panamericana Sur Highway, covering an area of approximately 350 km2. Are drawings on the soil surface (geoglyphs) whose designs repre

City Tour Nazca

CITY TOUR NAZCA Our tour includes pick up from the hotel in Ica and departure to the city of Nazca. Visit the Casa Museo Maria Reiche, here the environments where he lived and the work carried out during its existence and its Tomb appreciated. After visiting a Mirador located on the banks of the




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