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Ballestas Islands Paracas Reserve

  • Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve 1 Day

Paracas National Reserve is located 30 minutes south of the province of Pisco and 285 km of the department of Lima. It is a beautiful place for its history and its great diversity of birds which many of them are migratory. It has a wide variety of highly recommended beaches to spend a weekend and especially in the summer. In the Paracas National Reserve there is the most representative “flamenco” (ave where the inspiration for the creation of our flag born according to the story) bird. Its various beaches are one of its main tourist attractions and the Ballestas islands is visited by domestic and foreign tourists. They also highlight seabirds like the Peruvian booby, the guanay, the pelican, the Peruvian tern, the tendril, the elegant tern that feed on small fish and shellfish present in the surface layers of the sea and the sea lions and penguins humbolt.

Departures: Every day


We begin our tour with the picking up of passengers at the hotel in Ica, Pisco and Paracas, transfer to shipment from the private dock on speedboat passing near Puerto San Martin. On the way over the sea is a panoramic view of the figure on the hill called the Candelabra; enigmatic geoglyphs that resemble the lines of Nasca. Continue the journey over the sea to reach the Ballestas Islands where we observe migratory resident birds such as the cormorant, boobies, tendril and already famous Humboldt penguins, among other birds. Also we appreciate a variety of sea lions in different areas that often receive us during our visit. Finally after an hour we return journey to reach the private jetty Paracas Bay for a time of enjoyment or shopping. After a good lunch we arrange for a visit to the Paracas National Reserve room knowing Interpretation of the National Institute of Natural Resources, responsible for the conservation and preservation of the flora and fauna of the area. Continue the journey by watching Yumaque Beach more species of birds and then visit the Isthmus of the Paracas Peninsula where you can appreciate the Paracas Bay, the Lagunillas beach, Red Beach, very famous in the area for the red color of the sand where you can see birds and part of the marine fauna. Finally we return to Paracas to stay at the hotel.

It Includes

  • Transfer from your hotel or the bus terminal
  • Bilingual guide Spanish – English
  • Speedboat with safety equipment and satellite communication.

Not Included

  • Lunch
  • Extras


Tour Price

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